Nova Launcher Prime Cracked APK Free Download (Full + Final)

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Nova launcher prime Crack APK Download And Installation Guide

Nova Launcher Prime Cracked APK Free Download (Full + Final)

Nova Launcher Prime APK is an operating system that is developed by Google. This allows users to customize the default UI according to their preferences. This is one of the strongest points of android as compared to other mobile operating systems. Instead, IOS does not allow the user to change and customization of the default look of the device, But Android is different. With third party launcher applications, you can be able to customize everything such as icons, background images, effects, font size and many more.

Information About Nova Launcher Prime

Name Launcher Prime
Publisher Teslacoil Software
Genre Presonalization
Size 12 MB
Latest Feature 6.2.12
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Mod Features Prime Unlocked, Pixel Mod
Latest update April 5,2020

 The best Launcher on Android

Launcher is a unique concept on Android that references the entire user interface, including home screens, icons, app drawer widgets. If you feel bored with the UI stocks of your Android device, most Android devices have a simple, heavy, and highly customizable default interface. Do you want it to have a smooth and friendly interface, better for the user? Thanks for the launcher. You can type the word “launcher” into the Play Store to get thousands of results. There are many third party launchers available, but choosing the right launcher is more important. It should be lightweight and easy to use.

Are you looking for a fast, light and smooth launcher? We recommend Nova Launcher Prime!

In this article, we introduce you to one of the best Android launchers. Nova Launcher developed in the early years of the Android operating system. Nova Launcher Prime is always updating new features to attain the latest version of Android. It can work well for most high-to-mid range devices and low profile devices. In this article, we have instructed you to download, install, and install paid version of this launcher, Nova Launcher Prime. What features do you have? Let’s find out below.

About Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is an application developed by TeslaLook software that lets users customize the default launcher they are using. It’s available on the App Play Store with two versions, including Free and Pad. If you are a simple guy, you can choose the paid version to use its basic features. If you want to get more features, Nova Launcher Prime is exactly what you need. You have to pay 99 0.99 to download Nova Launcher Prime from the Play Store. Plus, we also provide Nova Launcher Premium app file so you can download and install it for free.

Nova Launcher Prime Cracked APK Free Download (Full + Final)

 Features Of Nova Launcher Prime APK

This is a premium version of the application, which allows you to use all features that are locked in the free version. This app has received over 100 million downloads and millions of 5 star reviews on the Play Store. When you want to customize the look of the device, it’s enough to find one of the best launchers. Nova Launcher is a great launcher for this. In addition to being compatible with many devices. It’s really easy to use and brings a lot of interesting features that you won’t see on other launchers. Here are some of its key features.


Most users want to find a fast, smooth and secure launcher. Nova Launcher is such a launcher. As you install and use Nova Launcher as the default launcher. You will experience one of the fastest and most stable launchers, smooth swiping, tapping or dragging.

Safe and Secure

Nova Launcher is also completely secure. It does not contain any harmful code or junk applications that make harm to your device.

A Large Number of icons and themes

Nova Launcher Prime APk contains an abundance of icons and themes of different category includes nature, weather, water, animals and many more.

No Ads

Nova Launcher Prime has rolled out ads, bringing the smallest and most comfortable user experience. I’ve used different Android launchers. Some of them are good. But there are some nasty things to do, like advertisements. In launchers, ads appear in several ways. Sometimes, just a popup or banner appears randomly when you unlock your phone. Plus, others are really annoying because they force consumers to install sports or advertising ads … Nova Launcher Prime is different, which is completely non-advertisement. You won’t see any ads when you use them. Everything is smooth and comfortable. This is one of the reasons for the popularity.

Compatible with all devices

Nova Launcher Prime is a lightweight, seamless application that is compatible with most Android devices. You can install the Nova Launcher Prime APK, which has a weak configuration on the device, it still works smoothly. Which most Launcher can’t do. Of course, in order to install Nova Launcher, your device needs to ensure the desired configuration of the application with

1Gb of RAM

Android 4.0 or higher and 20M of free memory.

What is New in Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license in the free Nova Launcher app. You must install it first.

Updates are released as part of the Nova Launcher Prime Apk. It contain some Advance Freatures

  • Gestures
  • Hide apps
  • Icon swipes
  • Unread counts
  • More scroll effects
  • Custom Drawer groups

Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.12 Apk Free Download

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Download Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime Cracked APK Free Download (Full + Final)

Nova launcher prime apk free download

  • Uninstall previous version of Nova Launcher
  • Install Nova Launcher
  • Enjoy your desires Nova Launcher

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