Stranded Deep Free Download PC Game latest version

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Stranded Deep Free Download

Stranded Deep Free Download PC Game latest version

Stranded Deep Free Download is an Adventure game for PC/Laptop published by Beam Team Pty Ltd in 2015. The plane has crashed, and you are on an unknown island.

Stranded Deep PC Game Overview:

You remember nothing before the accident. The ocean surrounds the island. Also, there are many dangerous/ferocious creatures like shark inside the water.

None of the travelers are on the island. Some pieces of the crashed plane can be seen in some areas. Players have to survive in this unfortunate situation. But it seems almost impossible. Because you’ve no items like weapons, do not lose your hope. Think about how to survive this situation. Use your mind to create weapons for hunting and survival with things such as a piece of wood! Yes, Players have to tolerate this cranky condition. Although there are no guns or such things, you can make them.

Another problem will be food. Players have to find the food to stay alive. It seems complicated, but hunting is the right way for it. If you want to hunt the delicious animals, a shark is the best one! But it’s tough to trap them. Make tools to capture the island animals. You can use stone and wood to make them. Also, there should be a hiding place to sleep in it at night. Again use the trees to build a shelter.

Always get away from the beachside in Stranded Deep Free Download because there can be dangerous crabs. Many dangers threaten at this life. Losing hope would be the cause of you to be killed. Find new tools/items to upgrade your survival weapons. These items are hidden in different places inside the island. If you search the area well, You will be able to find some.

Story Line And Gameplay and Personal Experience:

Stranded Deep was initially released on Steam, and at the time I played this game, it was ranking at number three on the Steam Top Sellers list. Many of us are not tired of survival crafting games till this date, or maybe we are just all hoping to find one that’s doing things a bit differently.

This one certainly does not start differently. Just like The Forest, Stranded Deep Free Download begins with a plane crash. Unlike The Forest, the island you end up stranded on is tiny and not inhabited by naked beasts, though sharks—the naked monster of the deep—patrol the waters seaside. Once you have paddled to land, you begin gathering stone and sticks to make hammers and axes, chop down trees for shelter and firewood, and search for foods such as potato plants, fish, and crabs. There is no HUD: to see your stats you can glance at your wristwatch which shows your health, hunger, and thirst.

Crafting isn’t done in an inventory pane on the ground in front of you, similar to another Early Access game on Steam, TUG for Steam. Drop stuff into a collection, and an icon will notify you if something can be crafted with these items. This technique is a bit more realistic than a crafting window, but it comes at the cost of convenience, and coupled with the more extended act of going through the inventory and manually dropping collected items on the ground to find out if you can make something.

Islands in the game:

The procedurally given islands of Stranded Deep are nondescript and small. There are also shipwrecks, sometimes under the waves, sometimes right on the island, typically with a few crates and lockers to search. Once I found a useful machete, another time, I came away with a flare gun. I found an empty jerry can and part of an engine, hinting that there may be ways to build more complex watercraft.

Cooking is a bit tricky in that you need to physically hold your food in the campfire for a certain period, and after doing it a dozen times, I still don’t know how long time it takes. I let the burning sounds recycle and replay a few times, and ‘crab’ never became ‘cooked crab.’ I ate many times I got sick, sometimes I didn’t. Consuming three fish was enough, but a fourth made me vomit and break out in a rash. Usually, much more emphasis is put on food than water, which always feels backward to me. In real life, lack of water will kill you away long before lack of food, and like most games of this genre, the food meter in Stranded Deep is the priority because it depletes so quickly.


Stranded Deep Free Download PC Game latest version

Stranded Deep Free Download PC Game latest version


The map is divided into small zones, and entering a new zone seems to restart everything. The nearby island I was headed towards suddenly seemed much far away, and two more islands suddenly appeared that looked just as distant. As I got closer and paddled through more zones, other islands abruptly appeared in different directions, even behind me. By the way, I reached the island I was headed for, I couldn’t also tell which island I’d left. It feels like a big problem to me. If the open world lacks consistency, establishing a base, and finding it again is going to be annoyingly difficult. With such a small inventory you are often forced to leave some gear behind at your base while venturing out.

Feature Of Stranded Deep:

  • Survive in an island located in the Pacific Ocean
  • Dynamic system weather
  • Collect loots or items randomly
  • Hunt small animals with a spear to make food

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista or higher – 64-bit
  • Processor: 1.8GHz Intel dual-core and above
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD5000 with minimum 512MB VRAM and Pixel Shader 3.0 support
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

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